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“Very good educational method and presentation. Quickly puts one at ease and makes one feel confident.”

Joelle B.

Business Applications Consultant, WESSANEN


“Careen inspired me to fully assume my role as manager, forgetting my fears and doubts, while trying to remain a responsible manager who leads a team while using communication suited to the roles and personalities of everybody, particularly in different situations, in order not to forget that the harmony of the group depends above all the the well-being of its members.

Creative techniques and methods which can be adapted to concrete situations help to enrich the management training and they have the advantage of making possible the achievement of the objectives which one faces every day.

The journey with Careen helped me to structure my duties and to step back with losing sight of the vision of my project”.

Chiara Pancotti

Manager, Le Baron Perché


“Psychosocial risks……I had some knowledge of them since for the past few years the media regularly mentions them. Thanks to the intervention of EMD, Madame Dankers, permitted me to thoroughly research and examine more closely this important topic, including from the legal point of view. I feel better prepared and I am going to be in a position to more easily take into account the establishment of my business”.

Arnaud M.

Founder of the business, Master2 RH, EMD



“To follow a course of coaching with Careen Dankers is to explore a combination of techniques, practices and methods which allow one to easily improve the quality of life at work and one’s relationships. Her Dutch background probably has a bearing on this: in Holland there exists the culture of well-being and living in harmony.

Careen approaches, in the guise of personalised coaching, the techniques which allow for relaxation, high-performing and therefore more productivity. It is a rational approach which allows for self-knowledge while learning to know others within the framework of interpersonal relationships which are worthwhile for all involved. By the end of the training she has given us a set of tools which we can use for our own reality and experience.”

Frédéric POITOU

Company Director


“Care Performance gave me the skills for personal and managerial development. This coaching support is very helpful for a business manager who is sometimes facing his problems alone!”

Ghislain DUBOIS

Manager TEC Conseil
President Low Carbon Innovative Solutions