> why us?

At a time when businesses are more and more frequently using regular checks on the quality of the working life of their staff, with a policy of social and societal responsibility of businesses (RSE), Care Performance is there to help you to set up a transparent, effective and lasting approach which includes social, environmental and economic concerns in order to creat wealth while improving society.

We will help you to establish a constructive dialogue with the social partners in order to improve the quality of employment, reduce discrimination, ensure healthier and more secure working conditions, while at the same time developing competencies and finding a good balance of free time and wellbeing at work.

To attain these objectives, the training of managers and teams along theses lines is a strategic investment for long-term performance.

Thanks to these skills, as well as our passion for Man in the Workplace, we actively support the Healthy Workplace campaign called “healthy work places”.

Care Performance is intended for you if you wish to:

  • achieve a better balance between your economic and social performances.
  • improve working conditions, especially with regard to problems, seniors or equality using a more structured approach.
  • introduce a positive and long-term approach to work.
  • develop managerial competence for a responsible approach.
  • reinforce the attractiveness of your business and build up staff loyalty.
  • reduce absenteeism.
  • set up a R.S.E. initiative, long-term performance and management of change.