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Our innovative programmes are adapted for all your colleagues, because they are built on an approach which takes all angles into account and thus leads to concrete results while permitting one to remain alert to the need to be successful.

For example, our methods are:

The organisation of the well-being and safety at work week with:

  • the distribution of baskets or fruit and gadgets.
  • surveys and tests aimed at a better knowledge of health, for example on the management of stress or nutrition.
  • consultations with doctors, sports coaches, osteopaths for health checks/assessments using personalised advice.
  • workshops dealing with awareness, specialised demonstrations among others dedicated to the management of stress, the arrangement of work spaces, the management of emotions and good practice in the areas of diet, relaxation and sleep.

Workshops and activities on various themes:

  • balancing activity and recuperation.
  • complete awareness at work.
  • gestures, postures and healthy lifestyle.
  • mind/body awareness.

Lectures entitled:

  • managing and promoting the quality of working life.
  • non-violent communication in the work-place.
  • how to preserve one’s health.
  • learn how to recharge one’s batteries at work.