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Care Performance offers a wide choice of training corresponding to a combination of professional and personal problems.

Our measures and our programmes are based on the principle of ‘Experiential Learning‘ according to which people learn by experience. Our participants are constantly invited to deepen their knowledge by moving back and forth between theory and practice, as well as by individual appropriation and collective sharing.

Consequently, our teaching method is interactive, recreational and modern with a collection of presentations, exercises in awareness and creativity, role playing, exchanges, analyses of experience, observations by the participants or self-evaluation.

We try to facilitate a reflective self-evaluation effective for various types of training as well as the use of practical tools, both for the technical side and self-evaluation.

Our actions for awareness and training aim essentially at:


We have recently created original and revised training programmes: NEW

  • group cohesion-leadership: “Training on the job“.
  • resource management for managers in a luxury environment.


  • management and communication.
  • managing a team.
  • managing responsibly.
  • intercultural management.
  • management of change.
  • leadership.
  • coaching for managers and their teams.
  • action-types.
  • assertiveness and self-assertiveness.

Health and quality of working life

  • management or psychosocial risks.
  • quality of working life.
  • guiding an approach to the quality of working life.
  • drawing up strategies to prevent TMS.
  • gestures, postures, muscular-skeletal problems (TMS).
  • integration of RPS in one document.
  • action-types linked with RPS and TMS.

Performance and competencies

  • training the trainer.
  • commercial negotiation.
  • key indicators of performance (ICP).
  • office equipment: Excel, Work, Photoshop, etc.
  • speaking in public.
  • stress management.
  • time management.
  • conflict management.
  • development of powers of concentration.