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Coaching is a creative process which aims to develop the competencies of a person or group while improving their performance through personalised sessions matched to the expectations of the people being coached.

We have developed different types of coaching, for example:

Coaching of manager in order to:

  • clarify communication of strategic objectives.
  • deal with the stress inherent in responsibilities.
  • improve the quality and coherence of the management of change.
  • identify managerial behaviour which permits the achievement of strategic objectives.
  • develop the commitment of the management team in order to reach the strategic objectives.

Coaching in professional retraining in order to:

  • limit stress.
  • find one’s position after a long-term absence.
  • preserve confidence and self-esteem.
  • reinforce motivation.
  • develop or maintain relationships and social qualities.

Coaching of managers in order to:

  • develop managerial competencies.
  • regulate work overload.
  • favour a feeling of recognition.
  • deal with a ‘difficult’ team or colleague.
  • management of complex change.
  • develop an effective management.

Performance coaching for:

  • undertaking a new or changed position.
  • undertaking new managerial responsibilities.
  • improve effectiveness and speed when making decisions.
  • increase the potential of a team.
  • optimise one’s way to reach ambitious and realistic objectives.